Vintage ROLEX, where our love for watches was born!

There will always be something special about a Rolex. "The Crown." A fine piece of Swiss engineering. A status symbol the world over. Currency in any country. The most liquid of horological investments.

It has a history and provenance that are unique and unmatched by any other watch by any other manufacturer. In whichever of the countless different styles it comes in, understated and elegant or loud and grandstanding, nothing else makes quite the same statement.

And even if you know absolutely nothing about watches, it’s almost certain you’ve heard of Rolex. The brand has become somewhat of a statement for the whole industry. When important changes in history took place - Rolex was there to witness the moment and measure or improve it with their watches.

Rolex models are considered the original tool watch — they’re built with a specific purpose in mind.Whether it’s helping pilot an aircraft or assist a deep sea dive, Rolexes are the watch of choice for many people who are in need of precision timekeeping. That being said, as the brand marries function with form like no other, a lot of Rolex wearers also simply choose to adorn them as jewellery.

Vintage ROLEX, where our love for watches was born!


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