Let's share some good vibrations

Tokant engagements for the earth.
Our love of second hand watches is our first engagement but we also do our best to choose recycle ♻️ products and to minimize our impact on the planet.
It is very important for TOKANT to be responsible.

Most of our goodies, clothes and packagings are produced to respect this philosophy.

Earth, Nature, climate take a part in every decisions we make.

Approved Watches

Approved Watches

We buy what we like. This is the reason why under our accurate photos and a detailed description of the watch (case, dial, year, etc) you will always find a « Why we bought it ? » section. It’s a subjective point, it’s our vision and our feeling about the watch. This is also the reason why we keep all watches as we found them. We like them original with their own scars, that's why they are unique.

Except the movement for inspection and service, we don't make any aesthetical job on our watches: Polishing, Laser, Lume work on dial and hands.

A « TOKANT Approved Watch » is a mix of Feeling, style, conditions with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Good pictures tell more...

The team at TOKANT spend a lot of time and energy to provide you the most accurate photos so you can have a perfect idea of how will look your next gift.
Because good pictures tell more than every words. Macro pictures gives you every details, good or bad , in fact it reveals life and personality of the watch. This is our way to do it : transparency for trust.

Be sure that it will look better once in your hands 🚀