We love watches !

It’s not a question of price, it’s not a question
of brand, it’s all about feelings and emotions.

From the fifties Patina pieces to the last technical swiss
manufacturer’s production,
we love watches.

TOKANT has been created by Quentin & Jeremie.
Two watches enthusiasts from paris, France.

Jeremie love timepieces and their good vibrations. If you cant catch him at TOKANT office, there are big chances to see him riding his BMW R1200GS motorcycle in the wild with its old faithful Royal Oak on the

For Quentin the true office is in the kitchen. His first hobby is to cook a real risotto for the family while trading vintage watches on the phone.

Tokant is a

your new journey as a watch lover.

We will enjoy watches together and have fun.
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Warm welcome at Tokant, enjoy.